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Our Scapppoose location has a lot to offer. You can check it all out here before coming in to talk to us about what packing works best for your tanning needs!

mystic Tan




Light -- $30

Medium -- $35

Dark -- $40

Add on bronzer, accelerator and scents available at an additional cost.

Please read the tips below to maximize your results!

mystic tan

  • Prior to spray tanning, exfoliate your skin well to provide a smooth ultra-clean surface for the tanning solution to adhere to.  This can be accomplished by gently scrubbing skin all over with a loofah or scrubby sponge, or using an exfoliating scrub.     


  • It's Important to wear darker, loose fitting clothing. Restricting garments (including socks) can pull solution from your skin.


  • Do not apply any lotion to your skin prior to spray tanning.  Lotion could act as a barrier to the spray and/or result in uneven tan.


  • Place provided hair net over hair.


  • Immediately prior to spray tanning, generously apply prodiveded barrier cream to palms of hands, and on finger and toe nails to avoid staining.


  • Staff will provide you with detailed instructions prioir to your spray session.


  • In the booth, stand according to recommendations of the staff to ensure even, thoughrough coverage.


  • After exiting the booth, remove barrier cream from your body with provided towel.


  • Use provided wipes to gently wipe fingers and toes, make sure to very thoughoughly wipe your palms.


  • Do not shower or bathe for at least 6 hours after spray tanning.  The solution will darken on your skin for up to 24 hours, but takes at least 6 hours to develop.  If you can wait overnight, all the better!


  • Maintain your spray tan by keeping your skin well hydrated with moisturizer, and avoid chlorine or salt water, which both cause premature fading of your spray tan.

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